Ruby-red (Tilda)

Jackpack Black Power x Toutchstone Maker´s Mark

Ruby-red (Tilda) 2001-06-25
34,5 cm, HD: A, PL: 0/0, Full Dention

My first Parson that led me into the world of agility and breeding. Pandas granny <3. She has given me so many adventures and friends. She is the foundation of the kennel. She was probably the smallest medium dog at the World Championships 2007 and 2008. 2009 3 judges measured her to 34,5cm and she became a small agility dog in Sweden. Unfortunately she had to retire from agility 2010/11 when she never fully recovered from a tow injury and surgery 2009.

Swedish Agility Team: 2006 NC, 2007 WC & NC, 2008 WC & NC
World Championships Place 4 2008 (medium)

Agilityparson Tilda