anna_mei_eo_squareMy name is Anna Käll. Agility entered my life in 2002, when I bought my first Parson Russell terrier, Tilda. She was such a crazy and demanding dog and I thank her today for “forcing” the agility into our lives. She loved it, I loved it and we were hooked.

I have over the years trained and competed with parsons and border collies and have been in the Swedish team at WC, EO and WAO. I love the crazy parsons and are a small-scale parson breeder.

I work as a Creative Director but also arrange agility seminars and I love to explore and encourage induvial thinking in training and handling.

I have since the start 2004 been fascinated by making courses, analyze, and watch the way different teams unravel the situations on seminars and competitions. Inbetween dogs to compete with I finally took the step to become an authorized official judge in 2014. When it comes to courses, I love to challenge the foundation and technical skill of the dogs at high speed. My aim is to make safe courses for dogs and handlers and to see different teams doing alternative solutions on the course. I also strive to give a solution to those who might not bee the fastest handlers but compensate with technical skills.
Dogs I have competed with: