Majestic Mei Paleur

In May 2015 I went to Prague after judging up north in Norway to visit a litter of 8 pups out of interesting parents. I had from the pictures one special favorite bitch. After 24 hours in Prague, I was very pleased with the breeder, the mom and had totally fallen for this little lady with an athletic gorgeous body. No 5 as her name was then. She became Majestic Mei and we went to get her in Prague 10 weeks later.

(c) Photos taken by
Lukáš Skalický and Lenka Zalabáková

Breeder: Kennel Paleur

Titles: SeUCh, SeAgCh

Qualified SM, NM, EO

Show: BIS at Swedish parson show 2016, judge Janine Dooner
Qualified Crufts 2018


16 months

5 months
Sisters and brothers 7w
Mei 7 week
7 weeks
5-6 weeks
4 weeks
6 weeks