We are getting closer to Czech. 24 hours in Dresden was our next destination. An old town with a lovely atmosphere. You can feel you are getting further down in Europe. The dogs had a rough day in Dresden with shopping and a lot of walks enjoying the atmosphere and beautiful surroundings.

The hotel was in the center of the city and after asking for extra strong Coffee it was an ok taste but not excellent in any way. In the evening we found a really, really nice curry to enjoy. The dogs were welcome everywhere and they have made new friends admiring them and visited a lot of shops. Only one of the shops in Dresden was in their taste when the owner’s son played and had sweets for them.

We learned NOT to check out with all dogs standing in the reception at the same time. Apparently, this hotel charged €25 per dog!!! But claiming there was no information about it and the manager just passed at this moment we only had to pay for one dog this only night. The next problem was getting out of the parking garage. The ticket for 24 hours in the most central parking garage there was that we had paid €20, didn’t work at the exit. After building a cue for 15 minutes we finally got help and could continue our trip to Czech.

A great City that I can absolutely recommend for a vacation.